Title [Call for full paper for RCR journal(Resource, Conservation and Recycling)]
Writer ISEE2022 Date 2022-12-30 Hit 1414
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ISEE2022 secretariat informs ISEE2022 abstract authors.

It is very pleased to announce a process of submission for your full paper in RCR publication.

Only authors of abstracts presented at ISEE2022 can submit full papers. All topics of ISEE2022 can be available and papers should be fit to the guideline of RCR journal. 

1. If you are going to submit a full paper, at first, please let us know your name and paper title(You can change when submitting.) by January 15th. (Please send to official mail:

2. Please write the paper according to the guideline of RCR journal and submit it to ISEE2022 official webmail ( by March 31. (

After pre-reviews, ISEE2022 secretariat will recommend the papers of a high quality to the RCR journal.
And then, peer-review is progressed in RCR journal.

It is welcome that many papers with high quality will be subtmitted.

Best wishes and happy new year!

p.s. Now photos is uploaded in gallary board. Please enjoy the memories of ISEE2022.

 ISSEE2022 Secretariat